Hey there!

I feel like God has put it on my heart to open up a little more than I normally would be comfortable with: humble, open, and 100% transparent. 


First and foremost, my name is Durham Brandt, founder of THE SEED PROJECT. I am a 20 year old college kid born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. My faith has always been strong, but I constantly battle with finding the purpose that God has for my life. Late 2021 was fairly difficult, as I quickly began to realize that I was chasing after the wrong things in both my personal life and in business. As of early 2022, I believe wholeheartedly that this is what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to be. Without question, I also believe that God will use this platform to transform the hearts of so many people across the world. 

With that being said, welcome to THE SEED PROJECT.

Our Story

THE SEED PROJECT seeks to provide high quality streetwear to those living for Jesus Christ.


THE SEED PROJECT has a primary goal to provide hope in a world full of despair, to start conversations where there may be a lack thereof, and to proclaim the Word of God into all of creation. This project was created in hopes of reaching the lost sheep of the world in an efficient, yet subtle manner. Yes, we anticipate a large majority of purchases to be made by Christian individuals and groups; however, that is where the SEED must start. From this point, it will be watered and planted into the hearts of those who need it most. Also, we recognize some people find it more difficult to share their experiences with their faith, or spreading the Word of God. Trust me, I've been there. As a result, an apparel brand seemed to be the most fitting. 

THE SEED PROJECT is a firm believer in giving, whether it be our time, money, knowledge, or resources. Acts 20:35 declares, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." We know that nothing belongs to us, as it is our responsibility to be an extender of the hand of God. With that being said, each purchase made will plant a SEED in the following areas around the world:

  • 10% of all sales will strengthen ministries around the world, allowing for the Word of God to spread like a wildfire 

  • 10% of all sales will support the communities around the world that are in desperate need of assistance 

THE SEED PROJECT makes it so that when you purchase your SEED, you are not only planting it in your own community, but the communities around the world as well. Luke 8:11 declares, "The Seed is the Word of God." We acknowledge our God to be in complete control of this brand, as He is Chief Executive Officer. Each and every post, project, or word spoken over and through this organization is done only by prayer and petition. 



THE SEED PROJECT will continue to pursue our mission: to be the SEED. We want to be a soul winning brand, one that leads a multitude of individuals, groups, and others alike to call on the name of Jesus, with something as small as apparel. 

On behalf of everyone at THE SEED PROJECT, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all your love and support. It does not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated. We hope that we can make an impact in your life and the lives around you.


To God be the glory!